Should You Include Animated GIFs in Your Email?

Check out this beautiful airplane — part of the fleet available from Aero Charter, a premium private jet charter service. We created this slide show for one of Aero’s email newsletters by combining three images into one, using a format called animated GIF. We used to avoid animated GIFs in email because several email clients would […]

Marketing Lessons from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

We always emphasize that social media and email marketing are two great marketing tools that work great together (apologies to the grammar police, but work greatly together doesn’t have the same ring). Social media can be especially effective for attracting leads — exposing your business to people with whom you have not yet connected. Email can be especially […]

How to Grow Your Volunteer Base (or Sales) Quickly and Easily

Our friends at the American Marketing Association (AMA) of St. Louis struggled to enlist volunteers — until they employed a simple tactic using MarketVolt emails. AMA-STL sent this email to its subscribers. The email listed several ways to volunteer. Each opportunity in the list was a link. The email had a clear call to action: “…become involved in […]

What Does Sex Have To Do With Email?

I’ve heard that you’re more likely to read an article with the word ‘sex’ in the title, so I wanted to try it out. But now that I’ve got your attention, I do have an arousing fact for you. A recent poll revealed that 8% of people “admit to checking [their email] after sex”. So […]

Useful Tips From a Pet Resort to Get More Out of Email

What is the first thing you would do if your furry friend went missing… panic and drive around your neighborhood? Hope that someone calls? Time is of the essence, so instead of posting missing photos around town, use a digital solution to find your pet faster. Our friends over at Kennelwood Pet Resorts have successfully […]

Canadian Law May Affect You If You Have Recipients in Canada

A new Canadian law requires businesses sending commercial emails to Canadians to obtain express permission for those emails, and to keep documentation of that permission. The law also gives the senders up to three years to keep sending if they have “implied” permission, such as when a customer makes a purchase from a business. For […]

Segmentation and Targeting Yield Results

GO! St. Louis, which manages the St. Louis Marathon and three other races each year, sent 108 mailings via MarketVolt in the past 12 months. Yet no one seems to be wearying of their emails. In fact, a recent email regarding the marathon earlier this month had an astonishing open rate of 73%. How do […]

Refer a Friend and Reap Rewards

MarketVolt is a highly cost-effective tool for email marketing, delivering great return on investment. But did you know that you can reap even more financial rewards by referring us a new customer? Under MarketVolt’s Referral Policy, if you refer us someone who becomes a customer, we will provide you with a credit of 15% of the […]

Great Email Tips from a MarketVolt Client

At MarketVolt, we often get asked about improving subject lines. Can a subject line increase my open rate? The answer is yes, and the next question is how? Our friends at Geile/Leon marketing agency — who also happen to be our clients — have written a great blog post: Optimize Your Subject Lines for Email Success.  […]

Three New Year’s Resolutions for Better Email Marketing Results

In many ways, the key to success in email marketing is to strike a critical balance. The simple fact is that in the modern era, technology gives us tremendous power to do many things. To go to extremes, consider the absurd: If we want, we can send a thousand emails to a customer per month. […]