A Great Example of Myth-Busting, Personalized Curated Content

We were really impressed with this email we received from MarketVolt client Les Landes. We often encourage you to curate content — reference others’ works to make important points — rather than creating original content from scratch. This email is a great example of curated content. We share it here in its entirety. Thanks, Les, […]

Prospects Think B2B Marketing is Too Pitchy

If you sell to small businesses and you haven’t been closing the sale, you might be pitching too hard. So says a survey of 401 small businesses from The Alternative Board that asked, “When evaluating a new product or service for your business, what is your biggest criticism of the information that you receive directly […]

A Surprising Secret for Writing Better Sales Copy

A very wise marketer once encouraged me to study classified ads in the National Enquirer. “If you want to learn how to write good copy, find the ads that run week after week. Some of them have run unchanged for months or even years. These advertisers know their numbers. They would change or scrap the […]

ExxonMobil Ad is Must-See TV for Marketers

Every marketer can learn something by watching a great new television ad from ExxonMobil. In the ad, a woman fires-up the gas stove and drops an egg in boiling water before we see a progression of scenes showing what came before the egg — engineers mapping the next well, helicopter pilots approaching an oil rig, conveyors […]

500+ Characters and an Image Can Beat the Spam Filters

We often remind you not to send image-only emails. We have always recommended a combination of text and images in your emails because image-only emails can trigger spam filters. We have been reluctant, though, to recommend strict text-to-image ratios, even though we’ve heard various recommendations suggesting that the ratio should be 60/40. We hesitated to recommend such […]

Don’t Be Afraid to Address Readers’ Fears

I recently received an email with the following subject line: “Who Pays for Mom’s or Dad’s Nursing Home Bill?” As someone with an aging parent, I was intrigued so I opened the email. The email included several messages, but this was the one related to the subject line:     Many marketing lessons here… Ask a […]

Case Study: Best Practices in Email Newsletters

MarketVolt client Aero Charter unveiled its new-and-improved email newsletter last week. The newsletter demonstrates many best practices for email newsletters so we wanted to share it here with you and offer some analysis. You can click here to see an archived version of the newsletter. We’ve also included a screen capture of the newsletter below… […]

Content Calendars Cure Headaches and Prevent Failures

When businesses struggle to achieve their content marketing goals, the first question I ask is, “Did the business have a good content plan and calendar?” Most often the answer is “no.” A content calendar can be the difference between success and failure especially in email marketing. Too often, we see businesses that commit to a […]

Personalize the From Name and Reply Address to Improve Email Response Rates

Most commercial emails I receive are very impersonal. The emails typically come “from” the company’s name, rather than a person’s, and the reply address often points to some general email box, rather than to a person I know. This is the case even when I know someone at the company. Businesses can improve response rates […]

Use Excerpts and Links to Deliver Content via Email

There’s a good chance you are reading this post because you clicked a link in a social media post or in an email we sent to you. Most of our traffic to this site comes from such links, not from people who remember to visit this site. We prefer it that way. That’s one reason we don’t include […]