A Great Example of Myth-Busting, Personalized Curated Content

We were really impressed with this email we received from MarketVolt client Les Landes. We often encourage you to curate content — reference others’ works to make important points — rather than creating original content from scratch. This email is a great example of curated content. We share it here in its entirety. Thanks, Les, […]

A “Go-Giver’s” Guide to Content Strategy

Guest Blog Post by Dixie Gillaspie I used to do this little mental two step every time I sat down to craft a newsletter: One Step Forward – I have some awesome information to share (write article) Two Step Forward – I have an announcement about a new event, service, product or other offering (write […]

Your Lists Are Assets, But Only If…

If you want to sell your business, one of the questions your suitor will undoubtedly ask is: What is the size and quality of your “list?” The buyer is not asking about your grocery list here, they want to know if you have a “house list” of existing customers and prospects that you are actively […]