Publish Your Emails to the Web

If you have an email marketing program, you should post most (if not all) of your emails to the web. Here are three reasons why: Social Media Sharing: By archiving emails with a unique URL, you make it easy for people to share your email on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media channels. MarketVolt enables […]

Don’t Wait Until Your List is “Big Enough”

I commonly hear this objection from business people considering email marketing: “I would like to get started with email marketing but my email list is not big enough.” I call this the “small list myth.” The reality: A business can profit significantly from email marketing even with a tiny list. Here’s an example… Last month, […]

How The “Inbound vs. Outbound” Myth Can Hurt Your Business

I met recently with a friend and small business owner who wants to increase sales and profits. When I suggested email marketing, he said, “I don’t want to do outbound marketing. I want to do inbound marketing.” I asked him to define the distinction. “With inbound marketing, you use blogs, search engine marketing and other […]

Email Power

Is Twitter on top of the heap? Or is Facebook king of the mountain? Yes, social media is all the rage, and MarketVolt believes that many firms should have marketing strategies that include social media. But the simple fact is that when it comes to digital marketing, email is more powerful than Facebook or Twitter.At […]

Five Proven Techniques to Build Your Email List

Your best prospects are those who want to hear from you – those who ask you to receive your emails. You will sell more if you are an “invited guest,” not an unwanted pest. The good news: it’s easier than you may think to build a list of people who want to hear from you. […]

A Business Card is Not a License to Send Unwanted Emails

At a trade show last month, I dropped my card in the fishbowl at a vendor’s booth to enter a sweepstakes. I never received an email telling me whether I won the free tablet computer. But a few weeks later I began receiving the vendor’s email promotions. Here’s the problem: I never gave the vendor […]

We All Sell the Same Things: Fulfillment and Relief

What does the language learning company Rosetta Stone sell? This is not a trick question. Of course, Rosetta Stone delivers language learning programs to its clients. But those programs are not what Rosetta Stone sells. Yes, I meant what I wrote: The products and services that the company delivers are not what the company sells. […]

Comment Spam is an Ill-Advised Shortcut

Earlier this week, I wrote a blog post about the importance of listening to prospects before you pitch particular solutions to them. A few hours after publishing the post, someone submitted a comment:  “Thanks for the insight in dealing with prospective clients. I contacted a phone answer service a while ago to see if they needed my […]

Don’t Cover Your Ears When Engaging Prospects

Every time a business approaches us for a web site project, we interview the prospect and ask the prospect to complete a lengthy questionnaire. Some balk at the request, but we explain that we do this for two reasons: By asking you to outline your goals and needs, you establish greater clarity on what you […]

Sales Lessons From One of My Favorite Movies

When I meet an obnoxious, pushy salesperson, I call that person a “Ned.” That’s a reference to Ned Ryerson – the insurance salesman who went to high school with Bill Murray’s character, Phil Connors, in “Groundhog Day.” Ned and Phil meet on the street years after graduation, and Ned says: “Don’t you tell me you […]