Email and Social Media Combined Pack a Powerful Punch

When integrated well, email marketing and social media can generate the highest ROI of all marketing tactics. There are a variety of ways to use the two together, some simple, and done regularly, and others more strategic. We regularly recommend that you add social sharing icons within your email newsletter so readers can easily post […]

Study Confirms It: Email Still Dominates

Here’s a headline that caught my eye recently: Why Marketers Should Keep Sending You Email. The headline on the McKinsey&Company web site introduced a study that shows how effective email remains. The summary on the McKinsey site says, If you’re wondering why marketers seem intent on e-mailing you more and more, there’s a simple explanation: it works. […]

Publish Your Emails to the Web

If you have an email marketing program, you should post most (if not all) of your emails to the web. Here are three reasons why: Social Media Sharing: By archiving emails with a unique URL, you make it easy for people to share your email on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media channels. MarketVolt enables […]

How The “Inbound vs. Outbound” Myth Can Hurt Your Business

I met recently with a friend and small business owner who wants to increase sales and profits. When I suggested email marketing, he said, “I don’t want to do outbound marketing. I want to do inbound marketing.” I asked him to define the distinction. “With inbound marketing, you use blogs, search engine marketing and other […]

Email Power

Is Twitter on top of the heap? Or is Facebook king of the mountain? Yes, social media is all the rage, and MarketVolt believes that many firms should have marketing strategies that include social media. But the simple fact is that when it comes to digital marketing, email is more powerful than Facebook or Twitter.At […]

How Exclusive Content Strengthens Engagement and Leads to Sales

One of the best ways to engage your email subscribers is to give them content that they will get only in their inbox. By offering email-only exclusives, you give subscribers a reason to remain on your list, anticipate future emails, and open those emails when they arrive. Here’s a great example: The organizers of LouFest […]

Five Proven Techniques to Build Your Email List

Your best prospects are those who want to hear from you – those who ask you to receive your emails. You will sell more if you are an “invited guest,” not an unwanted pest. The good news: it’s easier than you may think to build a list of people who want to hear from you. […]

Stick with Email, not Social Media Only, in Your Marketing Plan

A few weeks a client was debating whether to continue his email marketing program or shift his efforts to social media. My client is not alone. Many businesses struggle with where to focus their marketing efforts. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media platforms appeal to them for many valid reasons. And social media’s allure […]

What My Stinking TV Remote Reminds Me About Marketing

My television remote control got the better of me last night. Can you relate? I wanted to change the channel on my satellite system. To do so, you must first push the tiny “SAT” button at the top of the remote. Otherwise, the receiver won’t receive your commands. I kept pushing the up and down […]

Don’t Go For the Free Lunch to Market Your Business

I recently met a small business owner who proudly described his marketing strategy to me: “I’m focusing entirely on social media because it’s free.” “What do you mean by free?” I asked. “Well…” he said, “I don’t have to pay for postage or advertising or email software or anything like that. I just set up […]